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Manufacture of cabinets SMC

In partnership with SEIFEL in France, Mersa is a key player in the manufacture and marketing of boxes water,electricity and gas utility networks. The production process of boxes is compression molding of sheet molding compounds SMC.

Product Range
  • Electricity
    • Counting fence enclosures for individual subdivision CCLI
    • Subdivision distribution boxes CLD__________________
    • Boxes subdivision sectioning CLS __________________
    • Connection boxes-derivation DRB___________________
    • Floor distribution boxes DET_______________________
    • Boxes distributions colone foot building CPD___________

  • Gaz
    • Counting fence enclosures for individual connection CCG4
    • Boxes gas cutoff S50______________________________

  • Water
    • Boxes for water meters DN15_________________________
    • Door niche for water meter___________________________

Gas meter boxes

Low voltage distribution boxes

Water meter boxes