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Manufacturing of water and Gas meters.

Under license of ITRON, Maghreb Compteur manufactures:

  • G4 type diaphragm gas meters, and caters the market with commercial and industrial, diaphragm, rotary, and turbine gas meters as well as commercial and industrial pressure regulators and PTZ type volume correctors.
  • Piston type volumetric water meters, and caters the market with commercial, industrial and irrigation type water meters.
Product Range
Water meters
  • Residential Applications
    • Aquadis+ DN15__________
  • Commercial and industrial applications
    • Woltex m_50 mm to 500 mm
    • Flostar_m 40 mm to 150 mm

Gas Meters
  • Residential applications
  • Commercial and industrial applications
    • Transmitter ATEX Cyble____________
    • CORUS PTZ corrector_____________
    • Delta rotary meters_______________
    • Urbine meters Fluxi TZ2000_________
    • Gas Analyser Angus-EN____________

Test bench for residential
gas meters

Range of commercial and industrial gas meters

Aquadis + water meter
Pre-equipped for future
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