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A fine selection of actors in the field of public lighting, including consultants, municipalities, the ministry of equipment, inspection firms as well as contractors has attended a very interesting meeting the 25th January 2017, during which the DLEM LED lighting driverless technology has been exposed, as well as all the benefits of the use of this technology in new installations and retrofits. Need more information? Do not hesitate to contact us:
March 2016: Latin America
The market share of MMI in Latin America has been consolidated by granting of a fourth contract for the supply of fully equipped boxes for natural gas individual domestic applications.
May 2015: Solution Overview «Reducing Water Losses (Non Revenue Water) »
Reduction and control of unbilled water (non revenue water) in its international terminology (IWA) is a major challenge for decision makers and managers of utilities taking into consideration its direct impact on revenues of drinkable water distribution companies. For this reason, on May 26th, 2015, a reflection day has been held in collaboration with ITRON and in favor of SONEDE, with the “reduction of water losses” as a main subject. The reflection day has allowed to exchange visions relating to diagnosis of non revenue water phenomenon and to expose various treatment approaches.
May 2014: MERSA, Launching of Horizontal Water Metering Box
In 2014, the month of May has witnessed the launching of the horizontal water metering box AEP1H, especially designed to cater the water distribution companies’ needs in the drinkable water distribution market segment. The box envelope host a stainless steel to ensure nominal diameter 15 or 20 water meter hanging. The envelope can also host connection accessories such as stop valve, fitting…
Since 2014, CERTIGAZ has granted to MESURA TUNISIE the use of CERTIGAZ label for a range of natural gas B type regulators (B6 & B10). Since then MESURA TUNISIE is authorized to carry out various tests in accordance with the certification rules of NF brand, which grants a good control of the various industrial processes and reliability of end products.
August 2012: Order of new manufacturing tools from China
Mersa has ordered to a Chinese supplier a set of new high performance production tooling in the aim of expanding the product range and reinforcing the export capabilities.
Congress EPDEA of 28 to 31 May 2012 in Hammamet Yessmine
WaterMind Symposium April 19, 2012